French Kiwi Juice, better known by the abbreviation FKJ, has mastered the sound of smooth electronic music layering ethereal and serene sounds with soulful grooves. Racking up millions of views on Youtube since his ascendance, he has gained reputation as a multi-instrumentalist infusing echoing guitar hooks and analogue synths.

French Kiwi Juice first made waves in the music scene with his soulfully infused debut EP “The Twins”, the album explored funk and techno rhythms while using soul samples as hooks. The heavy editing and sampling from old R&B tracks is reminiscent of Kanye West’s early work, only FKJ pairs these samples with techno drum machines and heavy slapped bass lines. “Lying Together,” his first track to hit the charts, was built off of a mellow, heartfelt sample, and layered with classic electronic keyboards, beautiful guitar bass and soulful crooning. The inclusion of raindrop samples help ease in a more subdued interlude, this is followed up by an exhilarated vocal sample with an ignited passion sparked by FKJ’s brilliantly revolving production.

FKJ’s upcoming EP, “Take Off,” is to be released 21st July 2014 and promises more of the polished production and leisurely grooves that FKJ has become known for.





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