“Matching electronic components against a neo-classical sweep, his work recalls the likes of Nicolas Jaar or Olafur Arnalds, with some Nils Frahm thrown in.”
CLASH Magazine

[‘ONWARDS’] “shows minimal and delicate ambient, evocative whispered vocals, growing rhythms in the second part and an impressive pathos.”
Son Of Marketing


Ambient-electronic producer Mattia Cupelli returns with his latest single ‘MONOLITH’ released on the 30th of April. The single heralds the approach of his upcoming album, RUINS which will be released on the 9th of July via MC Records. Cupelli has received support from the tastemaker publications including CLASH Magazine, Son Of Marketing, and XS Noize to name a few. In total, the producer has earned over  76 million plays on Youtube and Spotify alone with features on the Sir Chillicious Youtube channel and La Belle Musique’s Spotify Playlist to boot.

Hailing from Rome, Italy, the producer seeks inspiration in the classics, calling upon the likes of Nils Frahm, Nicolas Jaar, Ryuichi Sakamoto. As he creates his own unique style, Mattia Cupelli uses neo-classical influences and modern concepts, blurring the line between electronic and organic. Calling to mind the likes of Tim Hecker, Ben Frost and Forests Sword, the producer manages to create fantasy worlds within his music.

Bold, dark and strong, ‘MONOLITH’ calls to mind eerie decaying cities and an underlying uneasy feeling. Mattia Cupelli manages to tap into his world of film, conjuring a mythical land of untold tragedies and harsh conditions. Otherworldly vocals lend themselves to the cause with a shimmering cloak – hiding their true nature but enticing the listener forward into the night.

Mattia Cupelli gives us some insight into his sound, “My music is about Time, Art and the Human Being between”


  4. IRIS
  8. TIME
  9. RUINS
  10. CHANT
  11. ZODIAC


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