[On Louder’s ‘HOME’] “The track takes a respectful nod to British pop of the past, whilst Louder’s ear catching sound, carries the evolutionary wave.”
Fguk Magazine

“Explosive, danceable melodies coax listeners to let their guards down and to put their trust in Louder’s gilded voice.”
Bandcamp Daily

“Over a beat buzzing and clanging with retro synth sounds, they sing not just of the terrible uncertainty of “finding home,” but the boundless possibilities of such an undertaking”
Consequence of Sound

[On ‘Lavender’] “True to form, Louder’s soundscape twists and shifts, eventually allowing plucky synths tones to carry the melody as the pulsating electro-pop beat kicks in.”
Under The Radar

“This is an exceptionally accomplished contribution to the world of quality dance/pop.”
Vancouver Sun

“Opener “Home” begins the album with buzzing bass octaves and a giant-sized keyboard riff that is initially reminiscent of industrial music — but instead of aggression, Russell’s powerful presence pulls the track in the direction of pure dance-pop.”

“The track begins with a dark, melancholic groove, but it doesn’t take long for Louder’s voice to fill it with light. The words are personal, sung with a kind of croon over-top the anchoring, lithe mix.”

“A star in the making.”



Appearing from the mists of the unconventional, Russell Louder has shared the video for their heartfelt single, ‘HOME’. The single is taken from their recently released debut album, HUMOR via Lisbon Lux Records. The album was selected as one of Exclaim!’s 29 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2021  and Russell Louder has been interviewed by the tastemaker publication VICE and supported by the Fguk Magazine, Vancouver Sun, Consequence Of Sound and Under The Radar as well as selected for Bandcamp Daily’s Shortlist Artists for February 2021. The singer was also a finalist in CBC Music’s 2019 Searchlight competition, highlighting Canada’s best undiscovered musical talent and appeared at the Liverpool Sound City 2019. Russell Louder has collected over half a million plays across streaming platforms. The multi-talented artist has received strong media support from the LGBTQ community as a non-binary artist.  

Raised on Prince Edward Island (PEI) and currently living part-time between PEI and Montreal, with ancestry tracing back to Scotland, the producer has always been surrounded by a network of artists and musicians that made up their family. To create their startling unique sound, Russell Louder calls upon the likes of Laurie Anderson, Danielle Dax, Grace Jones, Jean-Michel Jarre for inspiration with “a pretty heavy Italo disco phase at age 19”. Comparisons for the artist can be found in other musical visionaries such as Annie Lennox, Sophie and London Grammar.

Embracing the drama of black and white cinematography, Russell Louder has revealed the captivating video for ‘HOME’, directed by Bobby Léon. Despite the snow-covered landscapes and stark lack of colour, the video still radiates warmth as Russell Louder provides a unique space of comfort and playfulness. Flashing lights and a glimpse into everything and nothing at once, we’re ready to step into the mythical land of beyond and discover what adventures lie ahead. 

Russell Louder tells us about the creation of the video: “When Bobby and I discussed the video in the early plotting stages, it became really apparent that we both wanted to create something in liminal space – sort of between day and night, depicting an ambiguous journey through the countryside.  ‘Home’ is an enigmatic idea to me – it’s something I carry with me, yet something I spend my whole life trying to find. Conceptually, Bobby and I met for the first time and instantly clicked. It was super clear that we spoke the same artistic language and worked in a similar way.”


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